A swimmer in the Seychelles, where two shark attacks have claimed lives this month. (Anthony Grote/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

This morning, that theory was reinforced by reports that a British man had been killed in a freak shark attack in Seychelles.

Ian Redmond, 30, was with his wife in the second week of their honeymoon on the Seychelles island of Praslin. He survived the attack with a lost arm and hip injuries, but died shortly afterward, according to the local police.

Redmond had been snorkeling about 30 feet from the beach around 5 p.m. local time when the shark attacked and left him on the sand with horrific injuries.

Two men on a catamaran took Redmond to the hospital as his wife said she “still had hope” he could survive.

Earlier this month, a group of governments in Micronesia announced they had agreed to create the world’s largest shark sanctuary in the western Pacific Ocean.

Coincidentally, the attack happened on the same day the Seychelles' government held an emergency meeting to discuss a previous shark attack that killed a French diver on August 2.

Before these two deaths, the last recorded fatal shark attack in the country was in 1963.

“We need to find the beast and get it out of our waters, we have requested help from South Africa, and two experts are arriving in the country in the next day,” Seychelles Tourism Board director Alain St Ange told the BBC.. “We have now closed the beach and all the surrounding beaches, and stopped diving in the area.”

Redmond's wife Gemma released a statement that said:

Myself, our families and our friends are devastated and shocked by what has happened. The loss of Ian has left a gaping hole in our hearts that will never be filled.

He was always calm and collected, strong and brave, witty and intelligent, handsome and caring, a remarkable individual who will be deeply and sorely missed. We are privileged and proud to have shared our lives with him.

The Evening Standard reports that the couple married in an "idyllic" wedding after knowing one another for eight years. They had planned to move into a cottage together after the honeymoon.