Shadow the super dog. (Screen shot from CNN)

Shadow, a six-month-old puppy who went missing after one of the recent tornadoes in Massachusetts hit his family’s home, was found unharmed Saturday underneath the collapsed roof of a nearby house. A state trooper crawled into the debris to retrieve the frightened dog. The chocolate brown Shar-Pei-Chow mix was rescued for the family’s seven-year-old, who is in remission from cancer.

Sad pet story lovers may also remember Mason, who crawled back home with two broken legs nearly three weeks after being sucked up by a tornado in Alabama. The scruffy terrier mix had to stay at an animal shelter as his family tried to recover from the storm. But now it seems that he’ll be able to go back with his original family. You can see a picture of Mason wearing his casts at his fan-made Facebook page. Warning: These pictures may make you laugh and cry simultaneously.

Watch Shadow and Mason’s stories below: