For a few minutes, it looked as if Herman Cain might have gotten an assist from Howard Stern’s staff in quelling the story about allegations that he had sexually harassed women.

Benjy Bronk jostling with members of the media at the Gloria Allred news conference. (Screengrab from LiveFeed)

It was not the first time Bronk disrupted a political press conference. In June, Bronk started a ruckus at Rep. Anthony Weiner’s press conference, interrupting other reporters and heckling the congressman. “Will you maintain your hot physique and smooth sexy chest?” he asked.

On Monday, Bronk took the podium before Allred and Bialek appeared, fielding a barrage of questions and rambling on about his own life. When the two women appeared at the door, Bronk announced in a voice reminiscent of a host for the W.W.E. “Herrrrre’s Gloria Allred and the accuser!”

From the conversation on the live feed, it seems that Allred turned around and left the room immediately.

Journalists in the room started swearing at Bronk, as he asked to take a vote on whether or not he could stay. He left, but it took some minutes before Allred returned, with the press asking in bewildered voices, “Did someone tell her he was gone?”

After Bronk interrupted the Weiner press conference in June, he told the New York Times he had two goals: get the truth — and get on television. He later told MSNBC he felt embarrassed by his actions and he should not have interrupted Weiner. He also said was worried by the reaction he caused in other people. One man threatened him with physical harm after Weiner’s news conference.

Bronk seems to have learned one lesson: he let the women have the limelight once they entered the room. Bialek spoke uninterrupted as she told her story, saying Herman Cain had accosted her in what Allred described as Cain’s version of a “stimulus package.”