Stretch with StretchClock (Screengrab from YouTube)

Okay, we may be slight hypochondriacs at BlogPost, but we do sit at our desks for about 12 hours a day and there is plenty of doomsday talk surrounding the dire threat of sitting in a chair all day long.

Thankfully, a friend sent this solution along. Created by a computer programmer, the Stretch Clock is a downloadable alarm program that alerts you every hour, telling you when its time to get up from your seat and do a little body restoration work.

While the saving your life part is great, the best aspect of the Stretch Clock is the series of videos teaching you how to stretch. A man standing before a soothing mountain lake leads you through basic positions. The narrator has the dry delivery of Bob Ross talking about his happy trees. Watching the videos is almost enough to take my fear of death-by-sitting away.

The cross-body shoulder stretch:

I is a straight line: