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In the video, viewers get to see through the eyes of Sommer as he flies just above the slopes of mountains in Stryn, a Norwegian municipality known for its spectacular mountains, glaciers, fjords and lakes.

“Humans have been trying to fly like birds for decades. For now, [slopeflying] is the closest feeling we have to feeling like we can fly,” he says. Watch the video below:

Jokke Sommer (Jokke Sommer)

This was just an evening jump with good friends... The speed is about 200 kmh and the video is in realtime. It is not zoomed, actually it is a fisheye lens so it looks further away than it is. It is not luck that I dont hit the ground... it is hard training and a lot of flying that makes it possible to fly like this. We always fly close to the terrain, hence the name wingsuit proximity flying... I dont have a death wish.. it is more like, I love my job!

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