(Image from Snap’s “The Power” video.)

Korean scientists think they have determined what caused a 39-story Seoul skyscraper to shake violently for 10 minutes, causing the building to be evacuated for two days.

Earthquake? Nope

Gale-force winds? Sorry.

Volcanic activity? Unh-uh.

No, the culprit, they say, was 17-middle-aged gym rats working off the midriff bulge in a Tae Bo class.

The conclusions of the study are still tentative, with a final decision about what caused the shaking to come in two months. The Korea Times reports that some bloggers were unhappy with the conclusion, saying that if one exercise class can cause that kind of shaking to occur, the problem should be in the building’s infrastructure.

I’m not so sure. Moffitt says the class was working out to Snap’s “The Power.” The song is tough enough to bring any roof down: