Wednesday became the day the Internet went on attack. 4chan blocked its Web site to U.S. users. Google and other high profile sites warned they could pull out of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Videos appeared all over the Internet, including one starring Vice President Biden. And full-page ads showed up in newspapers. All with one purpose: Stopping the Stop Online Piracy Act.

The bill is meant to decrease piracy online, but critics worry it would curb free expression online. It’s making its way quickly through Congress and it pits two familiar foes: the entertainment industry vs. Internet companies.

As Jennifer Martinez at Politico puts it, it’s a veritable “shootout at the digital corral.” Her piece explores who will be the likely winners in the fight: lobbying firms. It’s a great read into the efforts Internet companies are making to get a foothold in the K Street corridors. A chart accompanying her story may speak a thousand words. The Internet firms may have something to worry about:

(Courtesy of Politico)