Floodgates have been opened in Louisiana, and water from the Mississippi River is flowing in to Cajun country, away from Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

And it’s a lot of water. The Advertiser in Lafayette, La., helped put the amount in perspective: One of the bays on the Morganza Spillway lets through about 10,000 cubic feet of water per second, enough to fill up the Superdome in New Orleans in about three and a half hours.

Check out what people are tweeting from Lousiana about the spillway.

Some YouTubers are tracking the water levels. Here, a user posting as wheeljobdiving shows the levels from Tuesday through Friday, before the spillway opened, in Morgan City, La., not far from the Gulf of Mexico and about an hour and a half west and a bit south of New Orleans.

And watch the spillway open here:

The Associated Press reports that earlier this month, the Army Corps of Engineers blew holes in levees in Missouri. See one farmer’s reaction here:

Also on the Advertiser’s site are interviews from Butte LaRose, La., about 35 miles east of Baton Rouge.