Film director Steven Spielberg’s name has been covered up on posters advertising the new Tintin film at a cinema in Lebanon, reports Lebanese site Blog Baladi. The blogger took the following photo at Cinema City in Beirut:

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Last year, a U.S. embassy memo released by WikiLeaks revealed that Spielberg had been blacklisted by the Arab League’s Central Boycott Office in 2006 after making a $1 million donation to Israel during the conflict with Lebanon. Representatives from 14 Arab states voted to ban all films related to Spielberg or his Righteous Persons Foundation.

Films have continued to be shown in Lebanon and other Arab League countries, however, but the blacking out of Spielberg’s name at this Lebanon theater suggests other tactics are being used to censor the director.

Blog Baladi wrote of the incident: “I guess that we shouldn’t mention or see his name since he’s Jewish, but we can go ahead and watch a movie he produced. Hypocrisy at its best. I wonder whose decision this was: Cinema City or the Government?”

A commenter on the blog speaking on behalf of the theater said it had not been the cinema’s decision.

A request for comment from the Lebanon embassy was not immediately returned.

On the cinema’s Web site, the film is credited with Spielberg’s name.