(Screengrab from Google Maps)

Google’s nine-eyed cameras are trying to capture the entire world for their Street View service on Google Maps. The undertaking is a massive project, heralded by many and criticized by many.

Two countries that have been the most outspoken in questioning the program have been France and Germany. Both wonder about the privacy issues surrounding the program. Now, for the first time a group in France has leveled a fine at Google to the tune of $142,260 for invading people’s privacy, Reuters reports. However, this fine will not impact Google’s ability to continue to snap photographs.

Google is being punished, rather, for collecting private data as the cars passed by homes with unsecured wireless networks. Google disclosed that it had mistakenly collected e-mails and Internet histoy. A number of countries have imposed regulations on the search engine giant, but this is the first fine imposed.

In Germany, meanwhile, a court found that Google did have the right to take the photographs. A woman sued the company over property and privacy rights, but the court found in favor of Google. Germany has already imposed a regulation that allows homeowners to opt out of having their property photographed.

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