So what was the ban trying to protect kids from? Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most violent games and what they offer up to impressionable young minds.

Grand Theft Auto: The “hero” is actually a criminal, with a passion for killing police officers. Hiring prostitutes restores your health. You can chose to drink and drive. Oh, and beating a woman to death with a baseball bat at a strip club? Just another day in the gaming world.

Manhunt: Described as “pornographically violent,” this game has the hero — a mental patient — attempting to escape from an insane asylum. In the dash for the exit, pretty much anything goes — including torture with a pair of pliers and using a sickle to rip open skulls.

Mortal Kombat: The cartoonish red blood may seem like child’s play nowadays, but back in 1992 when the game came out, in a video game world of Super Mario-mushroom squashing, the Mortal Kombat rip-out-the-spinal-cord move was as gory as you could get, perhaps only surpassed by the tearing-out-the-beating-heart-with-your-bare-hands move.

Bioshock: Filled with gruesome surgery scenes, little girls using syringes to attack, and corpses being turned into artwork, the game is chock-full of nightmare-inducing scenery. On top of all that, players can choose to kill those little girls.

These are just some highlights from the gory-world of gaming.