In December, the people of Sweden officially took over the @Sweden Twitter account, a campaign the tourism ministry hopes will lure some of its now 16,000 followers into visiting Sweden or staying there for a while. The country seems to be following the lead of its nordic counterpart, Iceland, which crowdsourced its constitution to tweeters and other netizens last year.

This week’s resident tweeter. (Via @Sweden)

As with anything uncurated and unmonitored on the Internet, there are bound to be sex jokes, navel-gazing, bad grammar, and many instances of too-much-information. One week, an unemployed Swede tweeted from home mostly about food products. This week, a part-time farmer can’t share enough photos of sheep (see above.)

Sometimes, though, the people of @Sweden can be found sharing their more serious thoughts on Sweden’s government, all unfiltered.

“You need to step up,  @CarlBildt! You NEED to let us know that you've got our backs! You are a leader! Now, lead!” one tweeter wrote, chastising the country’s foreign minister for the fate of two Swedish journalists, imprisoned in Ethi­o­pia in late December. “Unfortunately, the recent Swedish governments over the past years have started selling out most of our welfare system and infrastructure,” another tweeter wrote.

At its best, the account gives a window into what Swedes eat, listen to, watch, do for work, do for fun, think of their government, and think of their women. At its worst, it’s a mish-mash of self-promoting tweets and random @ replies about how much this week’s tweeter is enjoying being allowed to say whatever he wants on a government forum.

A taste of Sweden? Maybe. Read the wildest tweets below:

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