There are a lot of changes swirling around the world these days, not all of them as obvious as our site’s redesign. From the great vanatge point of covering the Web for BlogPost, I’m pretty much spellbound by the creativity and chaos online, making the world an ever-new place to inhabit. This week, I’m down in Austin, getting up close and personal with some of the key people driving the techonolgical changes at South by Southwest, that nerd prom in the South, where interactive folks get together and wax about the Web.

I’m also going to be digitally residing over at The Post’s newest blog, @innovations, for the next week. There we'll take a bit more of a behind-the-scenes look at the changing ways we present and consume the news. I’ve left this blog in the very trusty hands of Katie Rogers and Liz Flock. Liz has been doing some pretty incredible work covering the Middle East and, now, Japan in our live blogs. Katie’s going to keep you updated on all the other conversations swiriling around the Web. I hope to drop in from time to time this week to say hello, and I’ll be back in BlogPost next week.

In the meantime, drop on by @innovations. I’ve spoken to Christopher “moot” Poole, the founder of 4chan, about the need for anonymity online. I’ve questioned NYU professor Jay Rosen’s idea that bloggers and journalists are locked in a constant battle. And I hear a rumor Mike Tyson may be showing up there soon.

Hope you’re enjoying the new site redesign! Adios for now.