A day after reports of a massacre in the western Syrian village of Tremseh, activists are posting amateur videos that show the bodies of people said to have been killed by government soldiers and militia fighters. At least 200 people have been reported dead in the deadliest massacre since the one in Houla in May, a sign that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces are desperately trying to crush the rebellion.

(Warning: Videos below contain graphic images.)

Free Syrian Army members, under the name of Farouq Brigades, run during combat training at Sarmada near Idlib province July 9, 2012. (Reuters)

Editor’s note: The Washington Post has not independently verified the veracity of these videos.

The Guardian has posted a video that shows people said to be wounded from the shelling in Tremseh.

On Twitter, @HamaEcho posted this video that appears to show victims of the massacre wrapped and lined up in a room, prepared for burial.

A video posted on YouTube shows bloodied corpses of several men in T-shirts and jeans.

Another video on YouTube plays the voice of Abu An-Nasr, speaking to Al-Jazeera about the massacre in Tremseh.

“Tanks are shelling the town from the ground and military planes from the sky,” the subtitles in the video read.

In stark contrast to reports of massacre by government forces, Syrian state news agency SANA claims that terrorists perpetrated the massacre.

“Abo Arif al-Khalid, an eye witness from the targeted village, stated in a phone call to Syrian TV, that the village of al-Treimseh lived a nightmare when armed terrorist groups attacked it and opened random fire on its inhabitants and houses, killing more than 50 persons, and exploding houses, among which the house of his cousin,” the state news report says.

The uprising taking place in the countryside since last year is slowly encroaching on the capital city of Damascus, which is no longer immune to the chaos and echoes of the bloodshed, according to a special correspondent who wrote for the Post.

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