A spokesman for the Jordanian government said Syria’s former prime minister, Riyad Hijab, arrived in Jordan Wednesday, contradicting earlier reports that he had crossed the border into the kingdom two days earlier.

A video posted online Tuesday purportedly shows Hijab while still in Syria sitting on floral cushions in a room with a handful of children and young men. The man who is said to be Hijab is wearing a black suit and white shirt with no tie and appears relaxed as he talks to someone in the room.

“The Al-Motassem Billah Battalion is preparing the prime minister to go out to Jordan,” a voice on the video says, presumably referring to a unit of the rebel Free Syrian Army.

Text pasted on the bottom of the screen reads “Noaimeh Coordination Committee.” Noiameh is a city in southern Syria approximately 10 miles from the Jordanian border and only a couple of miles outside Deraa, the city in southwestern Syria where the first protests began in 2011.

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