In a new video that has emerged on YouTube, a group of Syrian rebels claims to have seized machine guns, an anti-aircraft rocket launcher and stack of ammunition.

According to the video, the weapons were seized by the Tahrir Al-Sham brigade in a joint operation with Ghouta brigade, in the town of Al-Dumair on Wednesday.

Screenshot from YouTube video shows rebels posing with what they say are seized weapons.

Here is a full transcript of the video:

In the name of God the Merciful and the best prayer and delivery upon our master Muhammad, the seal of the prophets and messengers.

The battalion Abu Bakr Al-Seddeq, which follows the brigade of Tahrir Al-Sham, working with the battalions of Ghouta, managed to control the Second Battalion of the Brigade 55 air defense of the band 24 in Al-Dumair, and seized a large and diverse number of weapons and ammunition, including 4 machine guns caliber 23 millimeter, and most noticeably a missile, called Cobra, to shoot down helicopters of Bashar al-Assad, God willing.

Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar (Good is Great, God is Great)

The ammunition that we seized, guns, more guns, machine gun, these are the machine guns, 23, and a anti-aircraft, and they are the most important items. These are a big number of ammunition, we managed to control them. It’s a big number.

The Washington Post was unable to independently verify the rebel claims.

The video comes less than a week after the Associated Press reported that Syrian rebels were running low on guns and ammunition, as fierce fighting ensued between members of the Free Syrian Army and government forces in Aleppo.

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