When Western and Arab powers meet in Tunis on Friday, they are expected to decide on a concrete proposal for getting help to Syrian citizens and for stopping the 11-months-old violence in their country.

The mother of Mohammed Shawi, 15, grieves over her son's body at a hospital after he was shot by a sniper in northwestern Syria. (Bullent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images)

A video from Channel 4 News this week shows some of that violence in the city of Homs.

The 11 minutes of footage, shot by French photojournalist Mani, show the city as “a patchwork dividing along sectarian lines” between pro-Assad Alawite Muslims and anti-government Sunni Muslim protesters.

“One step into the street, and they are in sniper alley,” Mani says of the Sunni protesters in Homs. The video then cuts to a woman who has just learned her son was shot dead by a sniper. “He is my son... my rock... I have no man...he is my man,” she cries.

WARNING: Footage shows violence and injured and dead bodies.