Thousands of protesters filled Cairo’s Tahrir Square Friday to decry what they say is a power grab by the Egyptian military.

The demonstrations follow two decrees that many felt undermined the role of Egypt’s incoming president, who is being chosen in an election this week.

First, Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court ruled that the recent parliamentary elections were invalid, and dissolved parliament. Then, the country’s ruling generals granted themselves legislative authority and gave themselves veto power over the body tasked with writing a new constitution.

Twitter user Ahmad H. Aggour also broadcast live from Tahrir:

In a video interview with Al-Jazeera on Thursday evening, protesters denounced the military’s recent actions and demanded the restoration of parliament.

“We have three demands: first, we reject the latest constitutional amendments by the [Supreme Council of the Armed Forces], second we demand the parliament be reinstated, and third, we want the military to return to its barracks and hand over all power to the president,” one man said.

“We want an Egypt for all Egyptians. This country belongs to all of us,” said another.

The Post’s Ernesto Londoño reported that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces defended its granting the armed forces vast authority, saying it was in the nation’s “interest.”

Egyptians are also still awaiting the results of this week’s presidential elections, in which both Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi and rival Ahmed Shafiq, the military’s candidate, have claimed victory.

View Photo Gallery: Egypt’s transition to democracy has hit a few rough spots, even as the country concluded a landmark presidential election this weekend. With Egypt’s highest court dismissing parliament, and the military rulers issuing a constitutional decree that gives them sweeping powers, protests have erupted across the nation.

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