Excited about your tax deadline reprieve? Thank this guy. (ALAMY)

On April 16, it will be 149 years since President Abraham Lincoln signed a law ending slavery in D.C. (Enslaved men and women of the District were freed eight months before Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.) Since D.C.’s Emancipation Day falls on a Saturday this year, the government will observe it a day early.

This means you have until April 18 to get your act together.

It seems like a lot of Americans are already on the ball, the exciting prospect of a refund trumping the pain of navigating the Internal Revenue Service’s Web site: In March, visits to IRS.gov were up 9 percent over last year.

Last year, the IRS processed more than 230 million returns, and in 2008, the average refund was $2,902, or more than a few eight flat-screen televisions. What did you do — or, what will you do — with your share of the money? Will you spend your tax refund on bills, or will you spend it on something fun?

If you need tips on all things tax-related, join a chat with finance columnist Michelle Singletary at 11:45 a.m. EST today, or tell us using #taxbill or #taxbonus on Twitter. We’ll post some of your replies in this blog. In the meantime, celebrate your three-day reprieve with The Beatles:

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