As a string of powerful tornadoes tore through the Dallas region Tuesday, dozens of Texans became citizen journalists, whipping out their iPhones, flip cams and other devices to capture the twisters’ destructive path.

A resident looks at the damage caused by a tornado that ripped through the Dallas suburb of Lancaster Tuesday. (TIM SHARP/REUTERS)

In this video, captured by a driver in Texas, an enormous twister gathers as cars just stop where they are on the road.

Shot in the Arlington region just outside of Dallas, this man chases a tornado’s path from his backyard to the front:

Here, enormous tractor trailers can be seen hurling through the air as a tornado alarm sounds in the background:

One person showed their iPhone footage of the twisters to the Associated Press:

Footage from Dallas captured the sound and sight of golf ball-sized hail raining down on a parking lot.

After the tornado passed, one person posted to YouTube photos of the damage to a trailer park in Kennedale, near Fort Worth:

“As you can see behind me families are picking through what is left of their home... [a mobile home] was actually lifted up and twisted and that is actually what is left of it,” the person wrote as a caption to the video. “I’m told that a woman who lived in the home was actually inside there and was...found in a ditch or something nearby.”