As tens of thousands of Bangkok residents flee the city to escape the worst flooding Thailand has seen in half a century, they are making sure to bring their animal friends along.

A Thai boy carries his dog through floodwaters while leaving a flooded area in Bangkok on Thursday. (Altaf Qadri/AP)

The efforts to save animals lie in stark contrast to the government’s solution to the scores of escaped crocodiles and alligators: A reward of 1,000 baht ($33) to anyone who catches (and often kills) a reptile on the loose.

Below, see photos of Bangkok’s human and animal residents, sticking it out together before the highest tides come Saturday.

A man holds his dog close while waiting to evacuate from a closed airport:

(Athit Perawongmetha/GETTY IMAGES)

Two dogs are being towed by their owners in a makeshift boat:

(Sukree Sukplang/REUTERS)

A boat full of people fleeing a flooded neighborhood has two canine friends along for the ride:

(Paula Bronstein/GETTY IMAGES)

A Thai woman has her pet parrot sit on her head as she goes shopping for dinner at a flooded market:

(Paula Bronstein/GETTY IMAGES)

A dog accompanies several men evacuating on a board serving as a vessel:

(Paula Bronstein/GETTY IMAGES)

A woman pets her dog at her flooded apartment near the Chao Phraya river:

(Paula Bronstein/GETTY IMAGES)

A man holds a bag of grains as he feeds fish and pigeons as waters rise on the Chao Phraya:

(Daniel Berehulak/GETTY IMAGES)

A dog hangs out in the water, looking over a fence in a flooded area in Bangkok:

(Aaron Favila/AP)