Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, meet real life. The prototype flying car has completed its first flight, Woburn-Mass.-based Terrafugia Inc.said Monday. Within the next year, the company expects to sell its first flying vehicle.

The prototype flying car, dubbed “the Transition,” during its first flight. (Terrafugia Inc./AP)

In June, Terrafugia announced that it officially received a grant of all the special exemptions it had requested from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Transition is the “first combined flying-driving vehicle to receive such special consideration from the Department of Transportation,” according to Terrafugia.

Even if Terrafugia clears all the roadblocks in its way, it may be a long time before flying cars become as widespread on Earth as they were on, say, “The Jetsons.”

The anticipated price for the vehicle is a hefty $279,000.

“The problem has never been making flying cars,” wrote The Post’s Annie Lowrey last March. “It’s selling them.”

See the Transition in action:

More photos:

The Transition travels down a street with its wings folded. (Terrafugia Inc./AP)

The Transition, during its first flight. (Terrafugia Inc./AP)

The Transition shortly after takeoff. (Terrafugia )