The Sims Social on Facebook. (Screen shot of the Sims Social Facebook page.)

Yes, the computer game that allows users to run wild in a simulated world will soon be available on the social media site that already hosts the mother of all time wasters, FarmVille.

Game publisher Electronic Arts announced the launch of the Sims Social at E3 2011 on Monday. Details about the app, including its launch date, have not been released. But more than 82,000 people have already “liked” the app’s Facebook page, lured by the prospect of being one of the first people to start playing and wasting an incredible amount of time.

For those who have never entered the Sims universe, the game somehow makes mundane day-to-day activities — cooking dinner, picking out wallpaper and going to work — seem fun and makes morally reprehensible acts — like leaving your Sims in a pool without a ladder — acceptable. The game is highly addictive, as the many “I’m addicted to the Sims” Facebook groups show.

As a recovering Sims addict myself, I fear this app might soon take over my life. But at least I’ll get to practice my Simlish again.