Supporters of the “SlutWalk” pass a homeless man in New Delhi. (Mustafa Quraishi/AP)

In India, public sexual taunting or even groping of women, is known as “Eve teasing.” The term uses the name of the woman who according to Christian belief brought original sin into the world as a temptress, thereby the phrase for sexual harassment seems to assign some blame to women for causing the harassment.

The Post’s Rama Lakshmi wrote that older Indians and right-wing Hindu groups also came out to protest the protest. “About half of India’s 1.2 billion population are under age 25, and the country is urbanizing rapidly and embracing global cultures. More and more young women are entering the workforce and living away from their families. But social attitudes towards women continue to remain somewhat conservative.” Read more here.

Several dozen young women and men, flanked by scores of curious onlookers, marched for 20 minutes in the heart of the Indian capital. The Hindu right-wing group, the Vishwa hindu Parishad, earlier warned the marchers not to “cross the limits of decency and shame, or they will have to face the consequences.” (Rama Lakshmi/The Washington Post)

Here’s what a typical SlutWalk looks like in Glasgow, Scotland. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

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