Astronaut Ron Garan has been busy up in the International Space Station. In addition to his normal astronaut duties, Garan has fixed a backed-up space toilet, tweeted updates from space as @Astro_Ron and written a song to cheer up his homesick colleagues. He’s also posted a host of extraordinary photos of events on Earth as captured from space on his Google+ account and blog, Fragile Oasis.

When Hurrican Irene hit in late August, Garam snapped an incredible photo of the approaching storm. And now, there’s this:

The Southern Lights, as seen from space. (RON GARAN VIA TWITTER)

NASA has also released an incredible time-lapse video of the Southern Lights, also known as the Aurora Australis, over Earth’s Southern Hemisphere.

The video was created using hundreds of photographs taken on board the International Space Station.

The Aurora Australis is a natural — and very colorful — light display that usually happens near the South Pole. It is caused by the collision of energetic charged particles traveling along magnetic field lines into the Earth's upper atmosphere.

Watch the video below:

See more photos of Aurora Australis from space here.