It seems like an insanely difficult task: inventory all the trees of the country. But that’s just what Woods Hole Research Center, the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Geological Survey undertook. The end result: a high resolution map of where all the trees are located.


At first glance, it’s a little nerve-wracking how much white is on the map, but in high resolution, you can see that even the Great Plains have some trees interspersed with farmlands. The most dense forest areas are in the rain-heavy Northwest (perfect for glittery vampires to hide under). The most barren looks to be a part of eastern Colorado.

The map is part of an ongoing project to see how the Earth’s trees are doing at storing carbon. The data was mined from satellites, computer models and research on the ground. Scientists hope it will help them see how much carbon the United States is losing or gaining over time. Click here for the full size image.