Tina Fey and her memoir, "Bossypants.” (Jim Spellman/GETTY IMAGES)

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Here are some of the best moments of their talk:

Fey got her start at Second City in Chicago doing improv and explained the rules to Schmidt, who tries his hand at it.

Fey, who was the first female head writer at “Saturday Night Live,” explained — once again — the gender differences between men and woman in comedy. She later offered advice to people trying to break into comedy writing.

A Google employee asked Fey, who announced she was pregnant with her second child in early April, how she deals with the princess mentality sold to young girls while raising daughter Alice.

While answering a question about television shows, Fey revealed she’s seen “a lot of ‘Full House,’ but never on purpose.”

The most uncomfortable moment of the interview was provided by technology, when Fey talked about using her iPhone. Schmidt suggested she get Google’s droid phone. Cue awkward laughter. She lost more tech points when she revealed she uses other Apple products — as well as “computers” — and doesn’t Google herself.