Eden Wood and Makenzie Myers face off for the crown. (Screengrab from TLC)

TV critics are saying that this season takes grotesque to a whole new level.

“By focusing on the carefully edited ‘rivalry’ between six-year-old blonde Eden and five year-old Makenzie, the much-discussed over-indulged terror from last season,” TV Guide writes, “T&T not only played into the gross concept that it's OK to pit young girls against one another, it illuminated just how harmful it can be when mothers turn their daughters into currency.”

It’s horrifying to watch as the pageant mothers perk up their daughters with Red Bull and Pixie Stix, fit them with fake teeth, and force them, wailing, to get hair removed. Eating disorders are not discouraged.

“Call us prudes,” TV Guide continues, “but it's just a bit much to see a second grader dressed like a mini Madonna and grinding on stage for a crowd of creepy adults. How is that being a kid?!”

It’s not.

Watch the commercial for Toddlers & Tiaras:

And a particularly horrific episode in which the mother forces her 5-year-old to wax her eyebrows.