Tom Waits (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

After several years off the music-making market, Tom Waits is back with a new album, entitled “Bad as Me.” He announced the album Tuesday with a video preview of the album. He had meant the album’s name to be a surprise, but a leak at Amazon, which posted the name last week, dashed those plans. As Death and Taxes noted at the time, the Internet has “completely destroyed the mystery and magic of waiting for a new album.”

Waits seems to feel the same way. So much so that his preview of the album is a wry wink at his troubles in keeping the album’s name under wraps.

He grants us only thirty seconds of the music before he cuts the song and starts grumbling in his distinctive growl about the woes of life in the Internet age. “It’s going to go out everywhere... into the blood stream,” he says. He then obliquely refers to his album name being leaked early.

“What if I called you first and I said, ‘Betty, you know, is pregnant.’ What if I spoiled your surprise that way? Would you be okay with that?” He then switches to the random: “What if you had a root canal and I asked you to gargle with raw sewage? What if I asked you to jumprope with a live electric wire?”

Have I mentioned how much I love this man? I do, hugely, intensely.

The album is out on Oct. 25, though someone will probably put it on the Internet before then. Sorry, Mr. Waits!