A photo has been released of three of the victims killed by a gunman at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France on Monday. Rabbi Jonathan Sandler (center) and his sons Ariel (far left) and Gabriel (far right) were killed in the attack. Here, they are shown holding hands with Jonathan’s wife and daughter, who survived.

('Hadrei Haredim’/GETTY IMAGES)

The shooter also killed Miriam Monsonego, the seven-year-old daughter of the principal of Ozar Hatorah, on Monday, as well as three French soldiers last week.

On Tuesday, the French government imposed a high-level anti-terrorism alert as police searched for the gunman, The Post’s Ed Cody reports.

New details are emerging about the gunman, including that he may have worn a camera around his neck during shooting, according to a witness statement to investigators.

Police are also searching for a motive, with theories that he may have been a political extremist or connected to an underground network.

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