The Internet has been abuzz this week with the exploits of the sons of the rich and powerful.

Donald, Ivanka and Eric Trump. Photos of Eric and his brother Donald Jr. show them with a number of animals they killed on a big game hunt. (David Cannon/Getty Images)

What is it that makes the children of the rich and famous push the limits or misbehave?

Perhaps it is because they have too much money at too young an age, as chronicled in this People photo gallery. It might be the fallout of overindulgent parenting (hello, shark tank), as the Better Parenting Institute counsels. Some celebrity kids might suffer from being treated as accessories – a status symbol for the rich and famous, as the Sydney Morning Herald suggests.

Whatever the reason, these children have very different reactions when caught in their exploits. After being attacked by animal rights activists, Donald Trump Jr. was unapologetic on Twitter:

@iamGenteel first off there are no legal issues at stake. Second as for PR I’m a hunter I won’t cower from that because of some losers

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) March 13, 2012

Hannibal Gaddafi has stayed silent about the shark tank, as he did when his maid detailed horrific abuse in his household, and when he was arrested in Switzerland in 2009.

The young Sarkozy and his father, however, were public in their repentance. A criminal case against Louis Sarkozy was dropped after the “hugely embarrassed president” apologized to the officer in person, according to the Telegraph.