If you don’t think reading the Transportation Security Administration’s blog might be fun, you might want to change your mind.

The TSA said Monday that it confiscated 1,306 guns at airport checkpoints last year — or four guns a day. And as ABC News points out, that number doesn’t include the other contraband the TSA seizes.

(Transportation Security Administration)

In 2011, those items included spear guns, mortar bombs, cannonballs, heavy-duty firecrackers, stun guns, grenade launchers, signal flares and a jar of dead snakes. Yes . . . dead snakes. (By the way, it is legal to carry registered handguns in checked luggage, provided they are declared at check-in.)

Below, some of the wonderfully snarky blog posts from the TSA on what it confiscated last year:


“Has Neville Flynn Been to EWR: A container of dead venomous snakes were found in checked baggage at Newark (EWR).” 

Gun rounds:

“CPAP or C-POW!!!: A .270 caliber and 30-30 round were found inside a CPAP machine (breathing apperatus) in a passenger’s carry-on bag at Orlando (MCO). The passenger stated he keeps the rounds in the machine so he won’t lose them.”

(Transportation Security Administration)
“You got Your Green Leafy Substance in my Peanut Butter: A passenger at Oakland (OAK) hollowed out the center of a peanut butter jar and attempted to conceal a baggie of marijuana. We found it.”

Medieval knives:

“Fantasy Knives: Two knives . . . were discovered at John F Kennedy (JFK). These knives come in handy when slaying various mythological creatures, but these creatures don’t exist on planes or elsewhere for that matter.”

(Transportation Security Administration)