A tsunami watch was extended Wednesday after an 8.7-magnitude earthquake that hit off the coast of Indonesia was followed by a strong aftershock. The quake triggered evacuations along coastlines and panic in areas where a devastating wave struck in 2004.

Two women react on a street shortly after they ran out from a building when a strong earthquake hit in Aceh in Indonesia. (Indonesian television TV One/AP)

The initial tsunami alert was issued for the entire Indian Ocean. It was later revised to apply only to residents living along the western coast of Indonesia.

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North Korea rocket

North Korea says it is fueling its satellite rocket for launch “as we speak” and that it could be ready as early as tomorrow. The country has ignored international pressure not to launch the satellite rocket, which is to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Kim Il Sung. (Reuters)

Philippines-China standoff

A tense standoff between the Philippines and China in the disputed South China Sea looks as if it might be resolved diplomatically. The standoff reportedly began when the Philippines navy tried to detain Chinese boats fishing in its waters. The Chinese Embassy says the Philippine warship harassed the fisherman. (Associated Press)

Trayvon Martin

Stateside, a decision on the Trayvon Martin case is expected Friday. Special prosecutor Angela Corey said she would make a decision in the next 72 hours. (Miami Herald)

Her decision came after George Zimmerman’s attorneys announced their client had gone AWOL and they would no longer represent him. (BlogPost)