A powerful typhoon struck the Philippines Tuesday, causing debris to fly, waves to crash over seawalls, and floodwaters to rise waist-deep. At least 16 people were pronounced dead by morning, the AP reports.

A resident carries his son while crossing waist-deep floodwaters. (STRINGER/PHILIPPINES/REUTERS)

Thousands of people in low-lying areas were evacuated, carrying TV sets, bags of clothes, bottled water, and many pets.

Raw video footage has emerged that shows a man on the beach braving the typhoon:

On Twitter, many people rallied around the hashtag #PrayforthePhilippines,with even author Paulo Coehlo offering his prayers.

Typhoon Nesat arrived just one day after Manila held two-year commemorations for the almost 500 people killed during a 2009 cyclone, which dumped a month’s rainfall on the archipelago in just 12 hours.

Some 20 storms and typhoons from the Pacific lash the Philippines each year.

See more photos from the typhoon below:

A resident flees from strong winds as an oil tanker in background is battered by big waves after it broke off its anchor and slammed a row of shanties. (BULLIT MARQUEZ/AP)