Despite calls for her resignation over the pepper-spraying of passive students by police, University of California at Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi deflected blame at a rally Monday afternoon at her school’s quad.

As thousands of students gathered to protest the incident, Katehi spoke just a few lines, video of the speech shows, saying that the university needed “to be better than it is” and that students were not getting what they expected from college.

University of California at Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi is escorted from the stage after she spoke during a rally. (Paul Sakuma/Associated Press)

Although her message was apologetic, the audience jeered her when she quickly left the stage. Katehi is facing an increasingly dissatisfied staff and faculty.

The UC Davis faculty association called for her resignation Saturday, and protesters held up signs that said she should resign. Katehi, a Greek American electrical engineer, has only been chancellor of UC Davis for slightly more than two years.

Katehi has been criticized for calling in police to clear a small Occupy UC Davis encampment on the quad. The students had slept in tents for one night, and Katehi said she worried that it posed health and safety concerns.

Occupy protesters hold signs calling for UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi to resign during a demonstration. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)