Just hours after UC Davis placed its campus police chief on administrative leave for a pepper-spraying incident that happened at an Occupy protest last week, Occupy protesters set up a new encampment at the school and, on the school’s Web site, the English Department posted a message calling for Chancellor Linda Katehi’s immediate resignation.

UC Davis students protest at an "Occupy UCD" rally on campus in Davis, Calif., Monday. (MAX WHITTAKER/REUTERS)

The English Department joined a number of other faculty groups that have said Katehi needs to step down after her handling of removing the students last Friday. The New York Time’s Nick Kristof linked to a screengrab of the site where the professors wrote that along with Katehi’s “immediate resignation,” the police department on campus also be disbanded and no police force allowed on campus unless “specifically requested by a member of the campus community.”

Meanwhile, protesters pledged to sleep overnight at the new encampment at Sproul Plaza, but said they did not plan to set up tents. They called the demonstration a “pajama party,” not an encampment.

University spokeswoman Claudia Morain told the Associated Press the school was monitoring the protest but did not say whether the students would be allowed to camp overnight. She said UC Davis will take action “step by step,” in an effort to balance campus security and the Occupy demonstrators’ right to protest.

Earlier Monday, Chancellor Katehi was shouted down at a demonstration while trying to apologize for Friday’s incident, in which a riot-gear-clad police officer pepper-sprayed a line of protesters as they sat peacefully with their arms interlocked. Ten people were arrested during the crackdown Friday.

Watch the original video of the pepper-spraying incident: