One of the biggest criticisms of the very viral online campaign and film “Kony 2012” has been that warlord Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army — the subjects of the film — had been ousted from Uganda several years ago.

Different faces of Jamil Mukulu, head of the ADF. (Interpol)

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), which formed in the early 1990s, has opened three military camps in Congo this week and is believed to be actively recruiting among Muslim families in central Uganda.

Just as Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army is driven by religion (a form of Protestantantism mixed with mysticism), the ADF has its own religious aspirations. Primarily, the ADF wants Uganda to be ruled according to sharia law.

The mastermind behind the ADF is Jamil Mukulu, born a Catholic in the central Ugandan district of Kayunga. He later converted to Islam.

Like Kony, Mukulu is a wanted man. In February 2011, the International Criminal Police (Interpol) issued a red notice for him in connection with terrorism. 

“There are reports of people just disappearing from their homes,” Col. Felix Kulayigye, spokesman for the Ugandan army, told the AP of the ADF’s recent actions in Congo. “If they have begun military drills, what is the motive? They are not there for tourism.”