The hoodie and sunglasses used by Ted Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber. (David Goldman/AP)

As our colleague Ylan Q. Mui alerted us last month, belongings of Ted Kacyzinski, the anarchist Unabomber responsible for the deaths of three people and injuries to almost two dozen others, went up for auction.

The Associated Press reports that bidders spent nearly $190,000 on his sweatshirt, manifesto, typewriter, autobiography and other items that were seized from the shack in Lincoln, Mont., where he lived. The money is to be given to victims of his attacks.

It sounds like some of the auctioned items will be coming to the District: The AP says the chief operating officer for the National Museum of Crime & Punishment paid $1,766 for the Unabomber’s passport photos, wood saw and scale he used to make bombs.

Check out photos of his belongings here.

One of the lots that was auctioned off. (-/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)