Bystanders lift a burning car off Brandon Wright. (YouTube)

A BMW driver crashed into Brandon Wright’s motorcycle as he was leaving a parking lot, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. Wright was trapped under the vehicle, which caught fire when the motorcycle’s gas line was severed. Bystanders then lifted the flaming car and pulled him from beneath the wreckage.

Chris Garff, a grad student at Utah State, shot the video of the rescue. He told KUTV the people who lifted the car are heroes.

It seems this incredible moment will have a happy ending. Wright is in critical condition, having suffered burns, broken bones and cuts, according to the Tribune. His family released a statement indicating that he will make a recovery, albeit a long one.

“Brandon and our entire family would like to express our deep gratitude to all of the people who stopped at the crash scene on Monday to help rescue Brandon,” the statement, obtained via a reporter, said. “The fact that so many people would risk their own lives to save Brandon is a testament to the spirit of the community, and we will forever be thankful for these angels saving our son.”

Watch the rescue below.