Former White House green jobs adviser and author Van Jones thinks liberals need to make their own tea party. Or at least steal their tactics.

Van Jones, right, points skyward during a sing-along as federal employees and progressive groups gather in front of the Capitol in July. (Bill O'Leary/WASHINGTON POST)

“We have the wrong theory of the presidency. . .[while tea party groups] are very adult about charisma and leadership,” he said.

The Wall Street protests, Jones said, are a good beginning for a liberal movement, but need to work on a more cohesive message and organized approach.

Jones suggested a movement of his own to fill that hole, a progressive “support center”called “Rebuild the Dream” he modeled after the tea party’s support centers.

“Rebuild the Dream” is focused on Americans who struggle to maintain their livelihoods as large corporations make big profits, and more aggressively pushing for rights.

“I’m not mad at the tea party. I’m not mad at them for being loud,” Jones said. “I’m mad at us for having been so quiet.”

Watch excerpts of his speech below: