(Alfred Eisenstaedt)

Yet all the same, people are comparing the photograph to the famous photo in Times Square.

(Rich Lam/Getty Images)

It was “From Here to Eternity” amid “Mad Max.” It was love among the ruins. It was the conquest of passion over the chaos of anger.

Some also speculated it all may be a great setup: yet another prank to make us all believe a little less in the spontaneity of love. Some commenters noted that they’ve seen the couple elsewhere in Vancouver. Some believe a different angle of the image suggests they were staging the kiss. A Los Angeles video producer, Steve Poller, suggested the photographer stumbled onto performance art and took it for reality.

Lam, the photographer, told MSNBC he certainly did not think it was a staged act. He saw two people lying amid the riot police, he captured the moment, not realizing it was mid-kiss. Only after his editor congratulated him on the catch did he realize what he had.

The photograph went viral and one Australian family noticed a similarity between the man in the photograph and their son. Turns out the lip lock may really be two crazy kids in love. Australian Brett Jones identified the couple on his Facebook page, where he announced, “This is my son. How’s that for making love not war!”

According to Jones, in the melee of the riots, his son’s girlfriend Alexandra Thomas was knocked over by a police shield and Scott Jones bent over to comfort her. The people standing over them could have been checking to make sure she was alright after the kiss occured.

However, since I’m convinced everything on the Internet is a giant conspiracy, let’s not rule out a publicity stunt. Scott Jones is trying to break into acting, according to his family. Perhaps he was trying out for a role in “From Here to Eterntiy” after all.