A rioter throws a smoking canister back at the police in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday night. (Mike Carlson/Reuters)

“Post your riot pics,” the Facebook page requests. More than 27,800 people have become fans of the page so far, and hundreds have written posts shaming the “hooligans” that overran the streets.

On the Tumblr page “Vancouver 2011 Riot Criminal List,” the administrator asks people to send in their photographs and to send any information directly to the Vancouver police. The page is also trying to make sure innocent people caught on camera don’t get nabbed in the riot investigation. “Let’s make sure we don’t paint everyone with the same brush and vilify those who don’t deserve it,” one post notes.

While the administrators behind the pages have worked to track down the people responsible for burning cars, smashing windows, looting stores and stabbing eight people (none fatal), another crowd-sourced effort is trying to get the city cleaned up. VancouverClean has asked people to head downtown to help repair the damage and “to show that the rioters do not represent Vancouver as a whole.”