Young people dressed as zombies walking the streets in Warsaw, Poland. (Czarek Sokolowski/AP)

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Drivers on a Vermont road undergoing construction got an unexpected warning from a road sign: “Raging Zombies 1 Mile”

Yes, hackers with a morbid sense of humor turned some heads and caused some drivers to laugh with a warning about undead brain-eaters, NCEN reported. “No zombie attack has occurred, as far as I know,” the state’s Transportation Secretary Brian Searles said.

But it seems the hackers aren’t just “Night of the Living Dead” enthusiasts, as their other message shows: “We are sick of traffic.”

The Route #2 Project in Danville is vexing drivers and residents, who are tired of the inconvenience caused by the road-widening project. “Just sitting here waiting. It just takes longer than it seems like it should,” Mike Litchfield told WCAX.

But just in case the zombie apocalypse does happen, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has prepared a set of guidelines to help you survive.