A screengrab from my Pop-Up music video. (VH1.com)

VH1 made a happy announcement last week, when they said the popular show “Pop-Up Music Video” would be returning to the channel’s line-up after a 10-year hiatus.

The show, which gave little back stories and clues to music videos, was a treasure chest of trivia, gossip and behind-the-scene stories about the featured bands. During its original eight-year run, it was one of the channel’s most popular shows.

While trivia lovers may rejoice at the show’s return, slated for Oct. 3, today’s news is even more exciting. VH1 has created an interactive Pop-Up video Facebook app. Users can create their own pop-up thoughts over a selection of new and old music videos. Here’s my attempt at understanding the symbolism of A-Ha’s “Take On Me.” Go here to make one of your own.

For inspiration, here’s the professionals skewering Britney Spears: