(Watch the video below.)

(Sonny Hedgecock/AP)

In a flash mob, protesters entered the store, pretending to shop by filling shopping carts and joining the long lines at the cash registers. As the crowd gathered, one man called a “Mic Check,” the call-and-repeat style of announcements popularized by the Occupy Wall Street protests. As bewildered customers looked on, dozens of protesters implored the shoppers to visit local retailers.

“You, your communities and your workers are being abused. Wal-Mart intentionally underpays employees, forgoing real benefits for social services, costing California taxpayers $86 million annually,” the crowd yelled.

Wal-Mart played a Season’s Greeting recording to drown out the message. One customer can be heard shouting at the protesters, but many seem to look on amused. One woman did tell NBC San Diego that she felt bad for the employees who would have to return the merchandise to the shelves.

Occupy protesters planned a number of disruptive tactics for Black Friday to steer shoppers toward shopping locally rather than supporting major corporations.

(Via East County Magazine )