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The dozens of protesters who have been rallying on Wall Street since last weekend have provoked some strong reactions. A Facebook group threatened to douse the protesters with champagne and feed them laxatives. An offshoot of the Guy Fawkes mask-wearing group Anonymous said its members would join the protesters for a “Day of Vengeance.” So far, there’s been no word that either will happen.

Protesters march outside the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

In part, that may be because the 5,000 people who descended on Wall Street last Saturday for a “Day of Rage” have so far turned out to be far more peaceful than the day’s name suggested.

The demonstration, which organizers said was held to shine a light on the United States’ “corrupt democratic process” and use of corporate money in American elections, has now shrunk to the dozens. The protesters remaining are marching peacefully, holding flags and signs. The biggest kerfuffle came when a female protester joined the crowd wearing nothing but shoes, panties and words written on her skin that read “the naked truth.”

Watch a video of the protests from Thursday:

A Facebook group reportedly planned an “Anti-Hippie Protester Champagne Toast” for late Friday afternoon to get the protesters off Wall Street.

According to organizer, the “toast” suggests giving the “hippies” on Wall Street a “free shower” of champagne since they “haven’t showered in weeks.” The organizer of the group wrote on a Facebook page Thursday:

These guys are so pathetic and it was awesome watching them get dragged around and whooped by cops.... Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow — I'll be the guy handing out hippie muffins for free with laxatives baked in.

The group got a mixed response — with some people supporting the toast, others supporting the protesters, and a large number of people identifying themselves as members of the hacktivist group Anonymous demanding that the organizer canel the event.

But the group’s Facebook page has since been taken down from the site, and some commenters have suggested the entire event was created as a hoax.

To complicate matters, a group that says it is an offshoot of Anonymous is calling for a “Day of Vengeance” on Wall Street for Saturday to protest police intervention in the demonstration on Wall Street, British news site the Inquirer reported.

Last month, dozens of Anonymous protesters wore Guy Fawkes masks as they disrupted service at Bay Area Rapid Transit stations in San Francisco to protest authorities’ blocking of wireless signals in certain stations. Officials blocked the signals to try to head off a protest over the July shooting death of a man by BART police.

Over the last week, the Twitter account associated with the Anonymous group has tweeted about how to get around anti-mask laws (Anonymous protesters are known for wearing Guy Fawke masks), re-tweeted information from the U.S. Day of Rage Twitter account, and mobilized people using the hashtag #OccupyWallStreet.