Mikey Welsh, second from left, with the band Weezer. (Marina Chavez)

Two weeks later, on Saturday, Welsh’s body would be found dead in a Chicago hotel room, discovered by the staff after he failed to check out. ABC’s Kevin Dolak first noticed the premonition-like tweet. It could either have been a very bad dream — or a call for help. He followed it up with a message to a friend, “correction — the weekend after next.”

It will take up to six weeks to get a toxicology report, Chicago authorities told the Associated Press, but there was nothing to indicated foul play in Welsh’s death at the age of 40.

Welsh rose to prominence as the bassist for Weezer, before dropping out after a nervous breakdown, his Web site reports. He became a full-time artist after leaving the band. His last tweet announced a new painting for sale: “Mama's little pills spilled all over the floor.”

Welsh had planned to attend a Weezer show in Chicago on Sunday night. The band still performed, dedicating their show to their former bandmate. Karl Koch, Weezer’s historian, wrote on the band’s Web site, “It saddens me and the guys in Weezer so much to say that our beautiful, creative, hilarious and sweet friend Mikey Welsh has passed away... Mikey was never one to shy away from the absurd, dangerous or strange, and he did so with a gusto few others had.”

dreamt i died in chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). need to write my will today.Mon Sep 26 12:48:19 via webMikey Welsh

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