Werner Herzog (By Tobin Grimshaw)

Begun as a Facebook status update joke by author Adam Mansbach, the book became a viral runway online after a PDF of the book was leaked. Rather than dimming its chances at selling, the PDF only increased demand for the book, which goes on sale today. Already 100,000 copies have been pre-ordered. Weary parents seem to welcome the sing-song, children’s book style with a far more adult lesson than books such as “Goodnight Moon.”

“The flowers doze low in the meadows / And high on the mountains so steep. / My life is a failure, I'm a bleepy-bleep parent. / Stop bleeping with me, please, and sleep,” read some lyrics (bleeps have replaced words to protect the innocent readers of The Washington Post).

Now, its got a voice to do justice to its poetry: Werner Herzog. The Guardian reports Mansbach said “the best possible person” is narrating the audio book. The news comes as Christian groups in New Zealand have started to call for a banning of the book. (Turns out Samuel L. Jackson already has a version up. His version is pretty bleeping good.)

Thanks to YouTube comedian Ryan Iverson, I have in­cred­ibly high hopes for the audio version. Iverson does a spot-on Herzog impersonation with the soothingly accented voice exploring the existential crisis of “Curious George,” “Where’s Waldo,” and “Madeline.” Watch: