Members of the Westboro Baptist Church picket every Sunday at a city park near their church in Topeka, Kan. (Michael S. Williamson/The Wahsington Post)

The Kansas-based church, which has widely been described as a hate group that targets members of the gay community, soldiers, and celebrities, said they will protest Jobs’ funeral because “he gave God no glory and taught sin,” according to the church’s tweet.

On Friday, the church came out with an explanation for their use of the iPhone, via member Rachel Hockenbarger:

Steve Jobs didn’t do squat. Man did not create technology. God created technology. He gave it to us [as] a gift and tool to preach to the world... But Steve Jobs taught people to pursue their own interest, he did not tell people to use technology to spread the word of God.

If Jobs were here to defend himself, he might point out that the iPhone/iPad app store contains somewhere around 100 religious apps, including a confession app approved by the pope.

Hockenbarger also said that Jobs’s creation of the Apple icon was “idolatry,” because of its similiarities to the apple of Adam and Eve.

Jobs did not create the Apple icon. Graphic designer Rob Janoff designed the icon in 1977, adding a bite to the apple so that people did not mistake it for a tomato or another fruit.

While the Supreme Court ruled in March in favor of the church, finding that the First Amendment protects such groups from lawsuits over emotional distress caused by its picketing, an appeals court split this week means the group could soon be headed back to court.