If you have ever thought of cruising on the freeways of Shanghai, think again. Beside being considered one of the deadliest countries for drivers, China also appears to have some of the strangest questions in the written test that people need to pass in order to have a driver’s license issued.

Some of the questions in the test are so tricky, our Beijing correspondent Keith Richburg tells us, people have to take this test several times before they pass it. (Richburg himself, however, recently took the written test, and he passed with flying colors).

A cyclist rides past a billboard in Beijing which urges road users to obey traffic regulations. (AP)

We took 10 questions from the sample test book for obtaining a driver’s license in China, available via the Traffic Management Bureau in a CD. In order to pass the written test, one has to get a score of 90 out of 100 questions randomly selected from this test book.

Have at it.